About Us

Our roots are planted firmly in the principles of quality and customer service. Denva Technologies is renowned for delivering the highest standard of product and the best service in the weighing industry.

Denva Technologies supplies digital/electronic weighing scales and equipments to fit any weighing application, including custom digital scale applications of any kind. We have floor scales, counting scales, grammage scales, mini scales, micro, food, kitchen scales, bathroom scales, pocket digital scales, weight, portable scales, laboratory, analytical, crane scales, precision scales, carat, jewelry, body fat, talking scales, gem, wholesale scales, baby scales, pet/animal, medical scales, bench scales, shipping scales, postal scales, freight scales, pallet scales.
Weighbridge installations ,fabrication and commissioning .
Weighing software design and programming ,installation and integration.
Equipment and apparatus calibration services which includes Thermal hygrometers gauges, Thermometers ,Pressure gauges ,cold room and fridges.
Any clarification or inquiry is treated with importance and dignity